La Cité du Chocolat : A multisensory and entertaining tour of space

A space living far from the concept of a single museum!

Identify odors, Looking aromas, playing with touch and hearing to recognize chocolate textures, traveling via the interactive world map, reproduce gestures of heads on a touch pad.

Put your senses to the test :

Test your senses at the various activities that mark your visit


The Alpaco chocolate instead of red fruit aromas, yellow fruit or toasted nuts? Compare two Grands Crus in the manner of the great vintages of wine using your senses.


Can you identifier “blindly” odors conventional components of chocolate candies ?


Surprise yourself and try to recognize different textures chocolate than anything to touch or the’hearing.

Can you put all your senses to discover what is behind a piece of chocolate ?


In the “right” Heads, soak up the craftsmanship through instructional videos


Test your skill by attempting to reproduce heads techniques : Writing to the horn, preparing a dessert, mounting Zoco…
Can you write “Happy Birthday” with tempered chocolate ?


Travel plantation planting with sourcing and learn all about the cocoa world through interactive world map.
What are the producing countries, their share in world production?


Test your knowledge cocoa.
What sound does a pod when ripe?
How do we recognize a quality bean?


For more information :

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