The Ardéchoise a beautiful open to everyone adventure !

The Ardèche is a department of the Massif Central, located on the west bank of the Rhone. This is a particularly diverse region, making it a delight to explore by bike. Each bend in the road reveals a new and exciting vision. Pleasure of eyes, sense of well-being, printing is lived intensely because home, for those who come by bike is here, en Ardeche, particularly warm.

For this event, you choose one of the courses after your departure, because we understand that you may not know that you'll be able to advance, when you register for the event. These circuits are also open to tourists who wish to take their time and enjoy the scenery.

The Ardèche in 2, 3 or 4 days.

This concept allows you to enjoy the scenery, make some visits, the gastronomic specialties to taste, and set the goal of memorable photographic memories. Going Wednesday , Thursday or Friday morning and arrive at the same time as the biggest bunch of Europe on Saturday. The organization responsible for transporting your luggage and offers a selection of accommodations along the way.

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